Ghost Restaurant

Subway route: Sendagaya Station > Chuo-Sobu Line(Local)各停towards Mitaka [10 stops] > Kichijoji Statio

Ghost restaurant – Yurei Izakaya “Yurei”

yuurei izakaya

Who knew that the underworld was just a short walk from Kichijoji Station? Yurei is located in a quiet alley behind the Marui department store, close to Don Quijote. The rest of the alley may not stand out much, but you’ll definitely spot this spooky bar by its morbid decor and the eerie chant emanating from the place. Go down the stairs, and—is that a chainsaw you hear?—in you go! You’ll then be greeted by waitresses dressed as Japanese ghosts (plain white kimonos with the right side over the left, and triangular white headbands), who are strangely perky and cutesy for ghosts. Now, you have a maximum of two hours to spend in the underworld; otherwise, you can never leave—or so they say (read: as fun as Yurei is, you can only spend two hours there).

1/F, 1-8-11 Minami-cho, Kichijoji, Musashino City